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Path Of Exile Defensive Tips And Tricks

When an opponent tries to inflict damage on a player, the damage calculation goes through various defensive stats of the player that can prevent or reduce the damage. I want to shed more light on the individual stats here.


'Armor' is the armor in the game. Armor reduces the damage caused by physical attacks. Elemental attacks (fire, frost, lightning) or damage-over-time effects are not reduced by armor. The damage reduction can not exceed 90% (cap).

The biggest shortcoming of armor is that it does less, the stronger the incoming damage. Thus armor is much less effective against opponents like Brutus than against a pack of skeletons.


Evasion is a type of dodge based on the opponent's hit chance. It would be better to translate Evasion with "chance of being hit by attacks", not to confuse it with Dodge. The dodge chance can not fall below 5% and does not exceed 95% (cap).

The really special thing about Evasion is that it's not really coincidence, like Dodge in usual MMOs. Normally, with a 50% chance to dodge, not necessarily avoid every other blow. If you're unlucky, you can be hit 10 times in a row (MMO tanks know the problem) - statistically, over a very large number of attacks, it will settle at 50%. Evasion in Path of Exile is different.


Dodge can be imagined a little bit (from the idea), as if the character dodges to the side. This completely avoids the damage (almost 100% damage reduction). Dodge can only be increased by the passive skills Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics and Acrobatics Improvement.

Dodge is completely random (or better said, as random as anything in computer science can be random).

Energy Shield

Energy Shield is simply a numerical value, as is Life. However, incoming damage will only be deducted from life if there is no Energy Shield left. Exception: Chaos Damage passes through the Energy Shield and is directly deducted from life.

The Energy Shield recharges itself when no damage occurs for 6 seconds. With Increased Energy Shield Cooldown Recovery, these 6 seconds can be reduced. While Energy Shield still exists, the chance of not being stunned is increased by 50%. The Energy Shield is indicated by the blue effect on the right side of the sphere of life (which is in the lower left of the interface).


It can be blocked with a staff, two single-handed weapons (Dual Wield) or a shield. The maximum chance of blocking is 75% (Cap). When blocking the damage is completely prevented. However, it is checked whether the attack would have triggered a stun. If this had been the case, a block animation will be triggered, similar to a stun on the character acts.

Faster Block to Stun Recovery and Increased Block Recovery shorten the time of block animation. Blocking has no memory and is rechecked / rolled on every hit.

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